Copegus is an antiviral medication.

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, ltd head office chuo-ku, tokyo; president osamu nagayama hereafter, chugai announced that the antiviral ribavirin trade name copegus tablet 200 mg, hereafter, copegus obtained an approval for combination therapy with the chronic hepatitis c treatment drug pegasys , trade names pegasys s.

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-patients who reach their 18th birthday while receiving peginterferon alfa-2a plus copegus should remain on the pediatric dosing regimen.

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sovaldi usually is not prescribed as monotherapy, it is almost always taken in combination with other drugs like rebetol copegus ribasphere ribatab ribavirin is the active ingredient or daklinza daclatasvir main component , or pegasys pegintron peginterferon alfa – principal ingredient .

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once you choose to purchase copegus from jan drugs, you ll get the exact same high-quality medicine produced within the strictest of us and international standards.

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